• Hershey Middle School Steering Committee
    The Middle School has undertaken an extensive self-evaluation of its programs in an attempt
    to revisit best practices in middle level education.  To do this, the Middle School is working
    in a cooperative effort with Dr. George White of Lehigh University.  Dr. White and his team
    will be working with administrators, teachers,staff members, parents, and students throughout
    the next two years to expand and improve programs and services offered.
    A Steering Committee has been put together to help guide the process.  The Steering Committee
    collected data from surveying teachers, staff members, administrators, parents and students. 
    The results of the survey were validated through a two day visitation where a team of
    middle level educational professionals explored every aspect of Hershey Middle School.
    The results of the survey and the visitation were presented to the entire faculty and staff in
    a written report.  This report outlined specific areas of focus as uncovered through the survey
    results and the visitation.  The areas of focus are:
      • Middle Level Philosophy
      • Communication
      • Teaming Practices
      • Student Engagement
      • Student Services
    The Steering Committee is charged with creating task-forces of teachers to explore each
    of these areas and make recommendations based on best practices in middle level education
    The Steering Committee will meet monthly to coordinate efforts of the task forces.  The
    Hershey Middle School Steering Committee includes the following Administrators, Teachers
    and Parents:
    Member Role            Member Role
    Dr. Tim Quinn Assistant Superintendent Mike Warfel 6th Grade
    Cindy Goldsworthy    Director of Curriculum Joan Jarrett Computer
    Sue King Principal Tracey Bitting Reading
    Aaron Shuman Assistant Principal Sue McDonald Learning Support
    Leslie Shearer Foreign Language Dave Yingst 7th Grade
    Art Titzel 8th Grade Ann-Marie Schupper    Parent
    Chris Stine Music Renee Owens 8th Grade
    Allison Mackley 7th Grade Elizabeth Pegg 7th Grade
    Dawn Templeton 6th Grade Lou White Visitation Team