• Eligibility

    Hershey High School is a member of the Mid Penn Conference and the P.I.A.A. All eligibility regulations of these associations will be strictly enforced.

    To be eligible to participate in the interscholastic athletic program at Hershey High School, a student must satisfy the qualifications and regulations outlined below:
    a.Submit a signed parent permission form before the start of each sports season. Students are not permitted to sign any slips.


    Pass a physical examination before the student's first sports season of that academic year. A re-examination or special certification must take place before each subsequent sports season. Any athlete who participates in a practice or contest without a physical will be ineligible for one week.


    Carry adequate and appropriate health and injury insurance.


    Remain in good academic, attendance and department standing.


    Conform to all regulations as outlined in the by-laws of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association from Article I to Article IX. These sections of the by-laws are concerned with the following:

    (1) maximum age rule
    (2) amateur status
    (3) school attendance
    (4) consent of parent or guardian
    (5) health and physical examinations
    (6) migration
    (7) period of participation
    (8) representation
    (9) curriculum


    To be eligible to participate in practice or a contest, a student must report to school by 10:00 a.m. Exceptional reasons for which students may be excused must meet administrative approval. If a student leaves school during the day because of illness, the athlete may not participate that day or evening unless he/she has physician approval.