• How to Enroll in the District
    Welcome to the Derry Township School District. To begin the registration process, please complete the Derry Township School District Student Registration Form. A registration form can be obtained by contacting the appropriate school office. Also, schedule an appointment with the building office to complete the registration process. School phone numbers are as follows:
    • For students entering kindergarten or first grade, call the Hershey Early Childhood Center at 717-531-2211 ext. 6200/6201 (Kindergarten registration typically begins in February for children who will be five years of age or older by September 1 of the upcoming school year).
    • For students entering second and third grades, call Hershey Primary Elementary School at 717-531-2277 ext. 5200/5201.
    • For students entering fourth and fifth grades, call Hershey Intermediate Elementary School at 717-531-2277 ext. 5300/5301.
    • For students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, call Hershey Middle School at 717-531-2222 ext. 4205.
    • For students entering ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, call Hershey High School at 717-531-2244 ext 2239.

    In addition to returning the completed Student Registration Form, you will need to provide the District with the following documents:
    • Child’s birth certificate.
    • Child’s immunization records. Parents or guardians can find the required immunizations on the district’s website. Click here to access information on immunization records.
    • Child’s past and current report card as well as any applicable transcripts if the child has previously attended another school.
    • Driver’s license or some other form of identification for the parent or guardian.
    • Copy of custody agreement, if applicable.

    When registering your child, parents and guardians will also be asked to complete a general health history worksheet that identifies potential health risks such as allergies, asthma, or seizures; dates of most recent physical and dental exams; and a listing of prescribed medications the child is taking.


    If you have questions about how to register your child, please contact the appropriate building listed above.


    Finally, on behalf of the administrative team, the faculty, support staff, and Board of Education, please accept our warmest greetings and hope for an exceptional educational experience for your child.
    Board policies pertaining to student enrollment: