• About the Board of School Directors

    School Board Overview
    Pennsylvania School Code and the Pennsylvania Department of Education govern the nine-member Board of School Directors for the Derry Township School District.

    Directors act as the general agent for the people of the district in the manner of public education. They are charged with being constantly aware of the concerns and desires of the whole community regarding the quality and performance of the school system.
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    The Board establishes educational goals for district students and governs a program of education designed to meet those goals. The Board is committed to educating all students to the best of their individual abilities. Moreover, the Board assumes an educational leadership role and employs the Superintendent. Additionally, the Board adopts courses of study and textbooks; employs all staff members; and fixes and prescribes their duties, wages and salaries, and terms of employment.

    Board Members
    School Board 2019-2020
    School directors are elected on odd-numbered years to four-year terms. During the first week of December, the board elects a president and vice president to serve one-year terms starting immediately. The board also elects a treasurer and secretary in May to one and four-year terms respectively. Their terms begin in July.
     President:  Mrs. Kathy Sicher
    Members at Large:
     Vice President:  Mrs. Tricia Steiner
    Mr. John Abel +
     Treasurer:  Ms. Lindsay Drew Dr. Donna Cronin*
        Ms. Lindsay Drew*
     Superintendent:  Mr. Joseph E. McFarland Mrs. Judy Haverstick+
     Board Secretary:  Mr. Mike Frentz Mrs. Maria Memmi*
     District Solicitor:  William J. Zee, Esq., Barley Snyder Dr. Lewis Shaw, III+
        Mrs. Kathy Sicher*
        Mr. Terry Singer*
        Mrs. Tricia Steiner+
        + Board term expires 2021
        * Board term expires 2023

    Communicating with the Board
    School Board members set policy and establish the overall educational vision and goal for the school district. Public input on matters related to board policy, board meeting agenda items, budgeting, the district's strategic plan and overall direction are both welcome and encouraged. All board members receive copies of the online comment/concern forms found on the "Contact Us" page.

    Inquiries about an individual student or questions comments and concerns about day-to-day operations of the district and program administration should be directed to the specific department head or building administrator, following the processes outlined on the district's "Contact Us" page. 

    Board Responsibilities 

    The School Board is a policy-making body. Its primary role is to formulate and evaluate all policies needed for the operation of the school district. Directors design and set policies within the framework of the Pennsylvania School Code. These policies are then administered by district staff. All decisions must comply with state regulations and statutes. The Board has ultimate responsibility under Pennsylvania school law in the following areas:

    • Exercising leadership and drafting district policy; 
    • Employing a Superintendent of schools; 
    • Authorizing the appointment of teachers and other staff members upon the recommendation of the administration; 
    • Supporting curriculum development and revisions, adopting textbooks; 
    • Securing monies for district operational needs, building projects, and authorizing the expenditure of funds; 
    • Representing the public and community in their views concerning educational matters