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Derry Township School District

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Standing Committees

Standing committees meet outside the normal bi-monthly meetings of the full board comprised of 2-4 board members. Committees also include appointed Citizen Advisors who volunteer their insights and experience on rotating two-year terms.  Individual committees do not operate outside the scope of the full board, but rather improve the board’s effectiveness by providing a mechanism for a focused study of specific matters of school governance. When called upon to do so, committees may make recommendations on action items being considered by the full board.

Board member appointments to standing committees are made on an annual basis.  Committee members elect a chair at the first meeting of each calendar year.  A member of the district administration serves as a co-chair.

Committee & Delegate Appointments

Board members also serve as delegates representing the school district’s interests on a variety of other governmental and non-governmental bodies, associations, task forces and work groups.  Typically, one or two board members are appointed each year as liaisons for each such group and provide regular reports back to the entire board.

Committee Agendas


Most committee meetings are open to the public and constituent attendance is welcomed and encouraged.  Standing Committee meeting agendas can be accessed in advance through the Derry Township School District's AgendaManager site.  Due to matters of legal confidentiality, Human Resources Standing Committee meetings are not open to the public, no citizen advisors are represented on the committee and public minutes are not published.