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Derry Township School District

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Communications and Community Engagement 2017-2018

Focus: Effective communication practices and formats

  • Develop a district mobile app
  • Utilize communication tools more effectively (Trojan Quest, The Sun, Website, etc..)
  • Increase community engagement opportunities
  • Provide Board meeting minutes to faculty/staff
  • Website analysis

Committee Members

  • Mr. John Abel
  • Dr. Donna Cronin
  • Ms. Lindsay Drew - Chairperson
  • Mrs.Tricia Steiner
  • Mr. Joseph McFarland
  • Mr. Dan Tredinnick

Citizen Advisors

  • Jason Ernst
  • Jody Jacobs
  • Anne Reeves

Minutes and Recordings


Audio recording transcriptions are upon request. To request a copy of a board meeting or committee meeting transcription, please contact Sarah Harmer with the meeting date and title.