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Derry Township School District

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Finance Committee 2022-2023

Focus: Financial planning, budgeting, and taxation

  • MHS Trust Performance
  • School Lunch Program at HHS
  • Granada Facility
  • Bus Storage Facility
  • Monitor Revenue and Expenses

Committee Members

  • Ms. Lindsay Drew
  • Mr. Michael Rizzo
  • Ms. Ericka Schmidt
  • Mrs. Kathy Sicher - Chairperson
  • Ms. Sheryl Pursel
  • Dr. Stacy Winslow

Citizen Advisors

  • David Katz
  • Brian Ostella
  • Anirban Paul
  • Joshua Smith

Minutes and Recordings

This website offers computer generated speech to text closed captioning.  These transcriptions are provided for web accessibility purposes. This may result in unexpected and unpredictable degradation with certain words or the spelling of names.

If you have questions about the closed captioning provided, please contact

These caption tools as well as the ability to navigate embedded video and audio files via the keyboard are provided to maintain our commitment to ADA compliance. The closed captioning feature can be toggled on or off by using the “>>” arrows in the video player.