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Derry Township School District

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Policy Committee 2016-2017

Focus: New and revised policies and related guidelines

  • Review and consolidate the Administrative, Professional and Classified Employee policy sets into a single policy set. The consolidation effort will eliminate about 70 overlapping policies, simplifying policy maintenance in the future.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding necessary revisions to the 200-Series "Pupil" policies. Upon review of the 200-Series policies, the Policy Committee will have completed its review of all school board policies during the past three years.
  • Recommend revisions to policies affected by recent changes to Pennsylvania's Child Protective Services laws.
  • The committee reviewed and recommended a Conflicts of Interest policy, which was adopted by the school board on January 12, 2015.

Committee Members

  • Mr. John Abel
  • Dr. Kip Shaw
  • Mrs. Kathy Sicher
  • Mrs. Tricia Steiner - Chairperson
  • Mr. Jason Reifsnyder 

Citizen Advisors

  • Sudhir Kumar
  • Beth Ann Olmsted
  • Dr. Serdar Ural
  • Robert Weil

Minutes and Recordings


Audio recording transcriptions are upon request. To request a copy of a board meeting or committee meeting transcription, please contact with the meeting date and title.