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Derry Township School District

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School Social Work Services and Household Resources

Dr. Stalnecker is our dedicated Social Worker in Derry Township School District. She plays a crucial role in supporting our students and families by connecting them with valuable community resources. Dr. Stalnecker is here to assist you in any way she can, ensuring that you have access to the support and services you need to thrive.

Dr. Stalnecker is committed to helping families access various community resources. Some of the primary services she provides include:

  1. Connecting with Community Resources: Dr. Stalnecker can guide you in connecting with essential community resources. Whether you need assistance with Compass applications for cash and medical assistance, referrals to mental health services, or accessing food resources, she is here to help.

  2. Housing Assistance: If you are facing displacement from your home, Dr. Stalnecker can assist you in finding resources to ensure your children's education remains uninterrupted. She can provide guidance and support in locating housing resources to help your family during challenging times.

  3. Special Education Support: Dr. Stalnecker collaborates closely with the special education department. She is available to help parents understand the documents that outline the services provided to their child. With her expertise, she can assist in navigating the special education process, ensuring that parents have a clear understanding of the available support for their child's education.

  4. Attendance: Dr. Stalnecker meets with parents and students who reach a threshold of truancy.  During a Student Attendance Improvement Conference, she educates parents and students about the Compulsory School Attendance law, identifies barriers to non-attendance, and develops a plan to improve daily attendance. 

Easy Access: We understand the importance of making it easy for you to connect with Dr. Stalnecker. Therefore, we offer multiple options for reaching out to her, including:

  1. Flexible Meeting Locations: Dr. Stalnecker is available to meet you at your home, at the school, or any other convenient location to discuss your needs and provide support.

  2. Phone Consultations: If meeting in person is not feasible, Dr. Stalnecker is happy to connect with you over the phone. This ensures that you can still receive the assistance you need, regardless of your location or circumstances.

To further support you, we have compiled a list of additional resources that may be helpful. Please refer to the provided resources for further information and support.

Dr. Stalnecker is here to support and assist you with various aspects of your family's well-being. From connecting you with community resources to providing guidance on special education matters, her primary goal is to ensure that you receive the necessary support and services. With flexible meeting options and additional resources available, we strive to make it easy for you to access the assistance you need. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Stalnecker, and she will be more than happy to help you.

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Dr. Dee Stalnecker, LSW, BCBA
Derry Township School Social Worker
717-531-2222 ext 4216

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