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Derry Township School District

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Bus Stops

Derry Township School District Transportation Department is now employing an online system to help families find bus stop information. Infofinder works with the district’s school bus routing software and allows families to plug in their home address to find the approved bus stop to be used by their student(s).

When visiting the site, enter your street address in the appropriate space on the upper left side of the screen. To improve the accuracy of the bus stop match, be sure to include house numbers and directional suffix.  Do not use any periods or hyphens. Please note that the response to your query will only provide bus stop-specific information and will not provide any student identification information.

InfoFinder Bus Stop Website

If your address search produces a response of “HS/MS walking area” or “ELEM walking area” - that is an indication no district transportation is provided for that address. If no stops appear at all or the message “No Busing Information Available” is displayed please contact the Transportation Department at 717-566-7422 for assistance.  Parents, if you would like to change the bus stop for your child, please email