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Transportation Safety


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Safety is of prime importance for our students as we transport them to and from school and for school-sponsored activities. Safety requires the cooperation of students, parents/guardians, and school personnel. Parents/guardians should review and discuss school bus rules with their child/children in an effort to help them understand and assume responsibility for good school bus conduct. Students are charged with the responsibility of conduct that will result in safe transportation, respect for all school personnel and respect for other students. Failure to abide by the school bus rules, show proper respect to others, and comply with requests of school personnel may result in a student being issued a School Bus Conduct Report and subsequent suspension or denial of bus transportation.


Guidelines for Discharge

As the safety of students is our highest priority, the district relies on parents/guardians as active partners. If possible, a responsible adult should be close to the bus stop at drop-off time for elementary students. We recommend that parents and caregivers are out of their homes and/or vehicles and visible to their children and their bus driver. 

Kindergarten students riding home from school on DTSD buses, however, will only be discharged from their buses if a parent/guardian or other authorized caregiver is present to meet the child. If we are unable to make contact with a family member before the end of the bus run, the student will be taken to the Primary/Intermediate Elementary School Office until an authorized family member is able to pick them up. (PLEASE NOTE: At neighborhood/development bus stops serving a large number of families it is not possible for a bus driver to ensure that every child is greeted at their stop due to the volume of students departing from the vehicle and dispersing in various directions.)

Implement a “Bus Stop Buddy” system; discuss with your child that they should walk home with an older sibling and/or other older neighborhood children.

If you cannot meet your child at the bus stop, develop a family plan and discuss with your child what they should do if no one is there to rendezvous with them. Do you want to go to their house? A friend’s house? A trusted neighbor’s house? Maintain and communicate your contingency plans to your family, friends and/or trusted neighbors to be as prepared as possible for various situations that may arise.

When unexpected emergencies arise, don’t hesitate to call your child’s school building office and the Transportation Department (717-566-7422).

Safety Tips