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DTSD & Cocoa Packs Team Up For Food Assurance

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During the current period of school closure for all K-12 schools in Pennsylvania, Derry Township School District is committed to helping ensure students in need of food assistance do not experience meal interruption while they are not in school.

The district will be providing resources for the breakfast and lunch meals, which students would normally receive during school hours. We are working collaboratively through our community partnership with Cocoa Packs, which will be facilitating the delivery of these meals in conjunction with the additional food assistance it normally provides for students. During this two-week period, Cocoa Packs will operate out of the Spring Creek Church of the Brethren, located at 335 E. Areba Avenue in Hershey.

As this situation continues to evolve, additional information will be provided as it becomes available. Any questions regarding food distribution operations, pick up, etc. should be directed to Cocoa Packs via email at

Community members interested in assisting Cocoa Packs further during this increased time of need, please visit the Cocoa Packs website