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Technology Help for Families

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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing new approaches to education, we’re more reliant on technology tools as part of instruction than ever.  The DTSD Technology Department is here to provide support. 

1. Start With Your Teacher

If you are having difficulty accessing content shared by your teacher, please email your teacher first and explain the problem.

2. Self Help

If you or your student is having difficulty with technology or accessing educational resources, please go to the Technology Help Portal.  Once in the portal, you will find helpful tips and FAQs,  

You may also want to look into these resources:

3. Still Stuck?

in the Technology Help Portal you can also find directions on how to create an IT Ticket to get help from District Technology staff.  When filling out an IT Ticket, make sure to include important information like the student’s name, service you are having difficulties with, the browser you are using, error messages you are receiving and any additional information that could help the technicians resolve your issue.