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Update to Attendance Hotline & COVID reporting procedure

Updates to Attendance Hotline starting Tuesday, Oct 12 

In order to provide a more streamlined process for families to report students who are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19, we have updated our attendance and reporting procedures.

Beginning on Tuesday, October 12, if a student will be absent from school for non-COVID-19 related reasons, parents/guardians DO NOT need to call to report the absence and we will no longer be utilizing the attendance hotline. Families will receive an automated call on the day of the absence as a reminder that your student is absent and to return a written excuse note when they return to school. If you receive a call that your child is absent, and you expect that your child is in attendance, please contact the school office.

Updates to COVID-19 Reporting

If your child is experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms or has tested positive for the coronavirus, please keep them home and contact us using the “Report a Positive case or Symptomatic Case” button on the homepage of our website:

COVID 19 Hotline: 717-500-6980

ECC & Elementary School Email:
Middle School Email:
High School Email:

Please be prepared to give the following information when contacting us;

  • Last Name:
  • First Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Grade Level:
  • Homeroom Teacher:
  • List of Symptoms:
  • Date Symptoms Started:
  • Date of test (if positive):

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